Games: New GTA V Pics Show Some Relaxing Leisure Activities

Rockstar, with these two updates in the space of a week, you are really spoiling us! Yup, just the other day we saw some of the vehicles we’ll be able to use in Grand Theft Auto Vtoday we’re getting a brief peek at the fun leisure activities we can get up to in Los Santos/San Andreas.

Dirt bikes! Like some awesome eighties movie, we’ll be able to race through dusty deserts and leap over rocky outcrops on our sporty machines.

Will we get to play tennis?! This might be a little nod to Rockstar Table Tennis, the game Rockstar used to develop the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE), the in-game physics engine that has been the basis for all of their current generation games  (GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption). It would be cool if you can bat the ball about with an NPC chum, but I’m not holding out hope.

Yes, it appears skydiving/BASE jumping from GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV‘s episodic content The Ballad Of Gay Tony makes a return in Grand Theft Auto V. Seems only right. I must say this game looks gorgeous. There’ll be graphics freaks who’ll disagree with me, I know, but to my eye it is stunning. Good job, Rockstar North. Now, just tell us when the game will be bloody released.

Sources: Rockstar Newswire, Kotaku, CVG,

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