Games: Another Day, Another Batch Of GTA V Screenshots

Yes, Rockstar seem intent on rolling out screenshot after screenshot after months of merry silence. And we lap it up like the dogs we are. This time it looks like we’re getting down to business.

Here we have a bit of a homage to The Fast and The Furious by the looks of it. A guy (one of the rumoured protagonists) climbs the side of a truck to steal a car on the back, all the while being chased by the police.

The cropduster makes a welcome return. Always an enjoyable plane to fly in GTA: San Andreas. I remember finding it in the countryside between Los Santos and San Fierro, and making a beeline for Area 69 before it had been unlocked. Such a mad moment when missiles were launched and fighter jets came flying out of nowhere shooting at me. Anyway, the visuals are stunning in this pic. It seems Red Dead Redemption was a good testbed for the countryside sections of the new game. I cannot wait to go exploring.

It’s hardly surprising, but the Infernus is back too. Check out the police cars and helicopter in the background. Someone has been up to no good.

Checkout the laser sight on the gun being pointed at the helicopter. Maybe you can snipe some pilots, bring the chasing choppers down a little easier. Some folk have said that the laser sight, as well as previous footage from the trailer, shows you can customise guns. Sounds interesting, but I will wait and see for that one as I remember the rampant speculation about car boots (trunks, for you Americans) and Niko’s gloves in GTA IV. Another bone of contention is about the bridge we see in the background. Simple fellows have said it’s the Golden Gate bridge (it’s not), and this is proof of San Fierro being in the game (I’m not so sure about that one myself).

So, there we have it. A nice selection of pics to round off the week. Rockstar promised they’ll release another batch in a few weeks time. I will be here and ready to give my humble opinion upon them.

Sources: Rockstar Newswire, Kotaku,

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