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Feature: Bjorn’s Top Ten Comic Book/Sci-Fi/Superhero Hotties

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Shallow? Yes. Sexist? Possibly. A flimsy excuse to cover The Shootening in Hollywood’s loveliest ladies? You betcha!

10. Rosario Dawson.

Ah, Rosario. You’re lovely. It’s the smile, I think. Definitely the smile. Did you know her début was in 1995’s controversial Kids, along side indie favourite Chloë Sevigny? No, neither did I ’til I read her wiki page. Anyway, why is she number ten in my list? Hers isn’t the most glittering of filmographies. Well, she qualifies through the gorgeous to look at but empty and vacuous Sin City, and I freaking loved her turn in Grindhouse: Death Proof. Mostly, though, because I want her to be cast as Wonder Woman. It’s the smile…

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News: Superman Pantsless?

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We got our first look at Henry Cavill as Superman a couple of weeks back. There was some controversy over the chainmail-esque look of the suit, the lack of a spit curl, and much debate over whether Man Of Steel’s Supes would be wearing his traditional red pants or not. Well, these pics seem to answer the question unequivocally.

Nope, no red pants, just a big blue bulging crotch. Dr Manhattan in Watchmen, anyone?

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