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Review: Haywire

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So the story goes – Director Steve Soderbergh found himself watching some Mixed Martial Arts event on television when he spotted female fighter Gina Carano. Somewhat smitten and convinced she had the potential to be a huge star, he tracked her down and asked her to be the main character in a film he and a friend had written. That film is Haywire. Is Soderbergh right to have such faith? Does Carano have what it takes to carry her own film? Read on, dear reader. Read on. Continue reading

News: New Trailer For Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire Looks Ridiculous Fun

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Let’s do it. Let’s imagine the pitch – “Okay, guys. You’ve heard of Bourne, right?” “You mean like The Bourne Identity?” “Yeah. So, stick with me on this, imagine Bourne, right, but with a chick” “Oh. My. God. That’s GENIUS. Here, have all my money!” And so on… Continue reading