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News: Chronicle Director Josh Trank Directing Fantastic Four & David Slade Drops Off Daredevil Reboot

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Finally, some news away from San Diego Comic Con – Josh Trank, director of the superhero found footage flick Chronicle, will head the reboot to The Fantastic Four for Fox Studios. After initially being circled by Sony for their Venom feature, Trank has signed up to to bring Marvel’s first family to the big screen and will be working with writer Jeremy Slater to re-invigorate the franchise. Continue reading

News: New Three Minute Long Prometheus Trailer And New Featurette *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*

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This past weekend Channel Four, a broadcaster here in the UK, had the world exclusive first showing of the brand new three-minute long international trailer for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated return to science fiction. Having watched the trailer air live, I have to admit I was a little disappointed that it was it was so full of apparent spoilers. It might be the film is so awesome that these reveals matter not a jot, but I thought I should warn you before you view it, just in case.

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News: Prometheus Trailer Has A Trailer

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This Saturday, the 17th March, sees the release of the new Prometheus trailer. Ridley Scott is set to give a thirty minute Q&A session at the AMC Downtown Disney in Anaheim after its première on Livestream. We may finally find out a little bit more about this wonderfully mysterious picture. In the meantime, Fox is hyping the début of the trailer with a… trailer. They did this before with the teaser. It seems a little silly but, you know, let the marketing folk have their fun. You can see the trailer’s trailer below. Continue reading