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News: First Pics Of RoboCop From The Remake

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Jose Padilha’s RoboCop has been beset by problems from the outset. The script leaked to an entitled fanboy who then proceeded to tear the film apart. There are rumours of unrest between Padilha and the execs, with Padhila having to fight for every scene he wants in the movie. Still, as Dredd as recently shown, these adversities can be overcome and decent movie made, so let’s not be a complete Debbie Downer on the whole situation, eh? Anyway, the first pics of the new Robo-suit have made their way onto the net. Wanna check them out? Continue reading

Review: The Dark Knight Rises

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Third parts are notoriously difficult in films. If things haven’t been planned out from the start they feel like horrible cash-ins, where that once fresh and original idea has long since milked dry. At best you ignore them, deny they ever existed. At worst, they kill off all the enjoyment you had in the series. The Dark Knight Rises is Christopher Nolan’s final part in his Dark Knight trilogy. Will Nolan give us the ending we want? Will Batman get the send off he deserves? Read on and find out. Continue reading

News: Jose Padhila’s RoboCop Remake Has Teaser Poster And New Synopsis

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Hot on the heels of the launch of OmniCorp viral site earlier in week, Jose Padilha’s RoboCop remake has pushed out a teaser poster for the film. It’s nothing special, but hey, I thought I’d sure it to you anyway. That’s not all, though. Nope. We’ve also got the synopsis for the film! Yeah, we know how excited you get for synopses. Check it out. Continue reading

News: The Dark Knight Rises ‘Journey’ Trailer, Clips, And Pics

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The Dark Knight Rises is almost here. Exactly one week to go. This where things become unbearable. Do we wait, avoiding all promo material in case something should spoil the movie, or should we gorge on every little detail and jones like a crack addict waiting for their next fix until the film is finally released? If you’re here reading this, I think I know your choice… Continue reading

News: RoboCop Remake Has New Viral Site

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The first viral site for the RoboCop remake has hit the glorious worldwide web courtesy of  OmniCorp. OmniCorp seems to be a rebranded version of Omni Consumer Products (OCP), the giant global mega-corporation from the original film that took Officer Murphy and created RoboCop. The site gives a sneak peek of OmniCorp’s shiny new products – including the familiar looking ED-209 above. Continue reading

News: RoboCop Remake Casting News

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Jose Padhila’s remake of RoboCop continues to gather pace. Joining news of Joel Kinnaman’s casting as Murphy, the cop who’s gunned down and becomes RoboCop, are some very interesting names. Read on to find out more. Continue reading

Feature: “I’m Gotham’s Reckoning” – The Dark Knight Rises Third Trailer Breakdown

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It was a long wait (over four months) but last week we finally got the third and final The Dark Knight Rises trailer. In comparison to the all-encompassing media blitz that accompanied Marvel’s The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises marketing has been relatively restrained and sedate. This must be down to the quiet confidence Warner Bros. have in Christopher Nolan and the final part in the Dark Knight trilogy.

Continue reading

News: The Dark Knight Rises Standee Art

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The dearth of Dark Knight Rises news continues. So much so that I’m posting pics of standee art. I don’t even know what standee art is. Ah well. Let’s have a look at it anyway. Continue reading

News: The Dark Knight Rises Reveals New Synopsis

Posted in Comics, Movies, News, Thoughts with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 22, 2012 by Bjorn Grainger

Things have been pretty quiet on The Dark Knight Rises front, lately. Sure, we’ve had rumours of Chris Nolan showing a rough cut of the film to studio execs, and what we thought was the beginning of a viral campaign, but nothing of any real note since. So, in this dearth of information, it makes the release of a new synopsis for the movie all the more significant – Continue reading

Review: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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It’s a funny thing, spying, isn’t it? We entrust our national security to those who, by their very nature, must be duplicitous and backstabbing. Yes, those people who keep our secrets are the very ones we want to keep them safe from. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy takes us deep into this murky world of Cold War espionage and the search for a double agent at the heart of MI6. But is it any good? Continue reading