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News: The Bourne Legacy Featurette Hints At Links To Previous Instalments

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It’s truly exciting year for those of us who love our action-packed spy thrillers. Not only is Bond back but it seems he’s in top form with Skyfall (I saw the IMAX trailer before a showing of The Dark Knight Rises and was BLOWN AWAY), but we also have a return of the Bourne series with The Bourne Legacy. Replacing Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner now heads up the franchise as Operation Treadstone comes to an end and powerful forces try to tie up loose ends by disposing of their assets. Continue reading

News: Hans Zimmer’s Full The Dark Knight Rises Score, Thirteen Minute Featurette, And New Pics!

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We’ve been teased with snippets of Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises over recent weeks and from what we’ve heard everything has sounded suitably epic. Now Empire has managed to get ahold of the soundtrack in its entirety and has been kind enough to stream it for us to listen. Check out the thunderous “Gotham’s Reckoning” down below. Continue reading

News: The Dark Knight Rises New Posters, Fourteen Minutes Of Soundtrack, And International Trailer

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It wouldn’t be The Shootening without an update on The Dark Knight Rises, would it? What am I going to do when it’s all over? Stare blankly at the computer screen, I expect. Before that happens, though, let’s check out today’s TDKR news. First up, there’s a new viral poster of Bane (Tom Hardy) which is pretty frickin’ cool.

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News: The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Snippets, Pics, And New TV Spot

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The Dark Knight Rises is nearing release. There’s little over a month is left until we finally see the end of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The IMAX tickets have gone on sale and I was lucky enough to get mine. Were you? Anyway, the marketing continues to gather pace and we’ve got few interesting things to show you. Continue reading

News: Mind-Blowingly Good Catwoman Poster For The Dark Knight Rises Plus Two New Banners

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It seems that every other update on The Shootening is about The Dark Knight Rises at the moment. Still, it’s better this than trying to feign interest in Will Ferrell’s latest projectContinue reading

News: Epic New IMAX Banner Posters For The Dark Knight Rises

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You may remember I wasn’t very kind about the latest The Dark Knight Rises poster. It looks like a fan-made mash-up of the teaser poster and the “Welcome To A World Without Rules” from The Dark Knight. But that’s enough of my moaning because with a series of new banner posters promoting the IMAX release of the film,Warner Bros. have excited me again. Let’s take a look.

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Feature: “I’m Gotham’s Reckoning” – The Dark Knight Rises Third Trailer Breakdown

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It was a long wait (over four months) but last week we finally got the third and final The Dark Knight Rises trailer. In comparison to the all-encompassing media blitz that accompanied Marvel’s The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises marketing has been relatively restrained and sedate. This must be down to the quiet confidence Warner Bros. have in Christopher Nolan and the final part in the Dark Knight trilogy.

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News: The Dark Knight Rises EW Scans And High Res Pics

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A few days ago we posted the news that Batman and Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises grace the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly. Well, now the magazine is in the hands of the public, we’ve managed to get ahold of some scans of the pics within. Let’s have a look, shall we? Continue reading

News: The Avengers Round-Up

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Quite a few new things Avengers-related have been released this week. First is the international poster above. It’s pretty plain and simple. Instantly forgettable too. Moving on, for those folk who haven’t seen or kept up with Marvel Studio’s recent output, Norton Antivirus (buh?) have sponsored a featurette the recaps the adventures of Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America in a helpful little video. You wanna see? Of course you do. Continue reading

News: The Prometheus Trailer Is Here!

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It’s here! We’ve got ahold of the new Prometheus trailer! After a day of exciting news, first with the IMAX trailer, the viral vid for David, the Q&A with the cast (Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender) and director Ridley Scott, and now we have the full trailer and in wonderful shiny HD. Please check it out. Continue reading