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News: Iron Man 3 Casting News

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With The Avengers doing stupendous business at the box office it’s easy to forget that Iron Man 3 is due to start filming in North Carolina and China in a few short weeks with Shane Black at the helm, taking over from Jon Favreau. Robert Downey Jr. will once again don the armour and Gwyneth Paltrow is due to return as Pepper Potts, but who else will be joining them? Find out after the break… Continue reading

Review: Coriolanus

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Coriolanus starring Ralph Fiennes

Coriolanus, directed by and starring the nasally ominous Ralph Fiennes [raif-ines], is a Shakespearean tragedy that focuses on a man who makes war with foreign countries, his own country and more or less anyone within a five metre radius.

But is it any cop?

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