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News: Mad Max: Fury Road Finally About To Shoot?

Posted in Movies, News with tags , , , , , , , , on July 3, 2012 by Bjorn Grainger

As I stated way back in October when the first rumblings of production seemed to be grinding into action, George Miller’s Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is leanest, meanest, and finest action movies ever made thanks to its brutal simplicity. Beyond Thunderdome we’ll try to forget. Anyway, it looks like Mad Max: Fury Road, the soon to be fourth film in the franchise, is FINALLY about to start shooting. Continue reading

Weekly Ricochet: Skyfall, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, Man Of Steel, Haywire, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo…

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The Weekly Ricochet is a round-up of those stories that, while interesting, don’t quite merit a page all of their own. This week we have little titbits on the Skyfall, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, Man Of SteelHaywire, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Continue reading