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News: More The Dark Knight Rises Runtime, Viral Marketing, New Synopsis, And That MTV Trailer

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So, the BBFC has confirmed that The Dark Knight Rises clocks in with a runtime of two hours and forty five minutes. That’s more than enough to numb the shapeliest of bums, but is it enough time to reach the ridiculous heights of our massively inflated expectations? We’ll see in seventeen days. In the meantime, let’s keep the hype-machine ticking over my covering everything released of the last few days. Continue reading

News: Brilliant The Dark Knight Rises Trailer From MTV Movie Awards

Posted in Movies, Trailer with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on June 5, 2012 by Bjorn Grainger

If you care about the results of the MTV awards then I’ll let you know now – you’re on the wrong site. I couldn’t give a particularly aerodynamical piece of flying faecal matter about who won what. BUT if you show an exclusive trailer from The Dark Knight Rises with all new footage, then you have my attention. Continue reading

Games: Batman: Arkham City – The Joker To Have The Last Laugh?

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The Joker was left looking a little worse for wear at the end of Batman: Arkham Asylum. With Arkham City seemingly focussing on the likes of Hugo Strange, many of us thought that the clown prince of crime may have had his day. Well, this exclusive trailer from MTV says he hasn’t. Not by a long shot…

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