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News: Godzilla Gets Go Ahead And Release Date

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Godzilla. We knew it was coming after some very special test footage shown at San Diego Comic Con had the geek world salivating with the prospect of city-wide destruction at the hands of giant monsters. What we didn’t know was when we’d see this on the big screen. Well, wonder no more, dear reader. Wonder no more. Continue reading

News: Super High Quality Dredd Pics

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Dredd‘s positive showing at San Diego Comic Con last week has helped put a lot of fears I had to rest. It means  I can wave bye-bye to my usual trepidation and actually look forward to the September release of the feature. In the meantime, lets look at some ridiculously high quality pics of Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) and his chums in action. Continue reading

News: Marvel Panel At San Diego Comic Con Announces “Phase Two” – Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy, And Ant-Man

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Marvel Studios showed no sign of slowing their pace after the massive success of The AvengersQuite the opposite, in fact. No, Marvel used their panel at San Diego Comic Con to announce they were beginning “Phase Two” of their film strategy, and boy is it a biggie! Let’s talk the big boys first. Continue reading

News: Man Of Steel Teaser Trailer Debuted At San Diego Comic Con

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Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel was a big part of the Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. panel at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Snyder introduced a teaser trailer for the new Superman film that we’ll all be able to see before The Dark Knight Rises from this Friday. As for now we’ll just have to make do with a description of the action that went down. Continue reading

News: Godzilla Teaser Poster And Test Footage Shown At SDCC

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The end of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim panel at San Diego Comic Con had a pretty brilliant surprise yesterday when Monsters director Gareth Edwards made an appearance with some very special test footage. Yes, Edwards had a brief clip of his latest feature – GodzillaContinue reading

News: First Look At The New Iron Man 3 Armour At San Diego Comic Con!

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The Marvel booth at San Diego Comic had a very nice surprise for attendees today – when the doors were opened they were greeted with a display of all the movie versions of Iron Man‘s armour – including the new Mark VIII from the upcoming Iron Man 3. Continue reading

News: Brutal And Bloody Clip From Dredd

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Dredd had one of its first showings at San Diego Comic Con this week and garnered mostly favourable reviews. After the earlier rumours of the director Pete Travis being locked out of editing rooms and the ridiculous wait before we got to see the trailer, this can only be a good thing. A new clip has also been released to the world but WARNING it is brutal and very bloody. Continue reading

News: First Official Shot From Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium

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I haven’t gotten around to watching Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 yet. I’ve heard good things but simply haven’t found the time. It’s something I must rectify forthwith. Anyway, Blomkamp has been busy at work on his follow-up project, Elysium, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. After my hopes of a resurgence in intelligent sci-fi were dashed with Prometheushere’s hoping Elysium and Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity can get the ball rolling next year, eh? Continue reading

News: Edgar Wright Has Just Finished Shooting A Test Reel For Ant-Man

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Edgar Wright may be busy prepping for The World’s End, the third part in his and Simon Pegg’s Blood and Ice Cream trilogy due to film in September, but some how he’s found the time to film a test reel for the long in gestation Ant-Man. Continue reading