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News: Moonrise Kingdom International Poster And New High Quality Pics

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I realise I’ve focused on the big Hollywood blockbusters as of late. You come to The Shootening and it’s all The Avengers this, The Dark Knight Rises that, but I swear that I’m not all comic book/superhero movies. No, I enjoy the indies just as much. And if there was anyone who could be crowned king of the indie, it would be Wes Anderson, all of which brings me in a long and drawn out way to his latest film, Moonrise Kingdom. Continue reading

News: Trailer For Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom

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So, if you didn’t know, I spent the festive period with my parents. It was all well and good except for one fact – they’d turn off the precious wi-fi at the end of the day. This is was massively frustrating for me as I am addicted to the internet and need near constant 24 hour access or I freak out. I mean, c’mon, what if I miss something funny written of Facebook, or can’t get instantly outraged by the latest thing on Twitter? Exactly.

Anyway, to get myself through the long nights, my methadone was watching some DVDs. Of the many films I watched, two were Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou and The Royal Tenenbaums. The Life Aquatic is the film that made me fall in love with Anderson’s films, such a brilliant mix of melancholy, wonder, and adventure. And when I watched Tenenbaums it had me in floods of tears from the get-go. I’d seen it before, but this time it crushed me. So heartbreakingly sad. It was amazing. By now I guess you’re wondering why the hell I’m telling you this. I’ll tell you why – it was a lengthy and meandering intro inform you of the release of the trailer to Wes Anderson’s (yeah, that guy again) latest movie Moonrise Kingdom. Shall we take a look? Continue reading

What I saw on the walk to work today…

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(This blog was originally written on Myspace)

Yeah, I know. Vapour trails. We’ve all seen them before. This one caught my eye, though. Look at it. It’s a circle. Most, if not all, the vapour trails I’ve seen over Wales go in a straight line. It goes around! It got me a-thinking. Maybe there was a problem on board the aeroplane –

Pilot – Oh, come on, you’re not giving me the silent treatment, are you?

Co-pilot – No… But you shouldn’t have snapped.

Pilot – Snapped? You said we should stop and ask for directions! We’re 15,000 feet in the air!

Co-pilot – Shut up!

Oh, the hilarity…

I watched Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums for the first time over the last couple of days. Brilliant! True genius. I can’t believe it took me so long to see them. Wes Anderson, please forgive my heresy. Have a cookie. No, have two.

I was pretty bored at work so I wasted my time taking silly photos of myself. You can see them in my photo section. Feel free to comment.

That is all.