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Weekly Ricochet: The Avengers/Captain America, The Amazing Spider-Man, Skyfall, Only God Forgives, Moonrise Kingdom, Safety Not Guaranteed, Wonder Women! The Untold Story Of Superheroines…

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Welcome to the Weekly Ricochet, the round-up of all the news that can’t quite get a page for itself. First up is the rather fantastic shot of Captain America (Chris Evans) above from The Avengers. Can you believe we get to see it in a little over two weeks? No, neither can I. Continue reading

News: Batman – Year One First Official Clip

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DC’s animated features keep doing their job – remaining faithful to the comics on which they are based while introducing a whole new audience to their incredible stories. Case in point –

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Comics: The DC Reboot

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So, what does it mean for us lame-ohs? The ones who maybe buy the odd graphic novel collection once in a while? DC’s official trailer doesn’t tell us a lot.

As far as I can gather, DC is rebooting the continuity by reducing it into a five-year time period to simplify the storytelling and introduce new readers. Those seventy years of classic (and not so classic) stories are being condensed into a much smaller timeframe. Some things survive the cut, others do not. We’ll talk about them later. This is all happening at the end of the Justice League mini-series Flashpoint and every issue after this point will be labelled number one and begin anew.

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