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News: The Girl With Dragon Tattoo DVD is AWESOME. Also Possible News On Sequels

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Fincher has nearly always taken the same care with his DVD covers/artwork as he has with his films. His Fight Club brown paper package will always be a favourite of mine, as is the creepy letter cover to Zodiac. These things, I feel, add immeasurably to the film experience and I’m glad that Fincher dares to give attention to such things. Continue reading

Hot Fuzz…

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(This blog was originally written on Myspace)

So, there’s another film to get stupidly excited aboot in 2007 other than Spider-Man 3 and Fincher’s Zodiac.

I’m not entirely sure why it hasn’t registered in my consciousness before. I mean, I am a HOOOGE fan of Spaced, and i thought Shaun of the Dead was great. Heck, I’ve even read many an interesting snippet from the God-like Pegg and hairy Edgar Wright in my film magazines, but it wasn’t til today when I watched the trailer that it clicked…

If the movie is one eighth as funny as this, then I’ll be joyously happy. Heaven help if it’s one eleventh though…